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[Inf-IT DAVcl] About v0.11rc1

a few things I encountered / remembered just now (currently with 0.11rc1):

- At the periodic sync update (the default 60 seconds for me) the entire webpage goes void of data (the frames are still there, but address books and contacts disappear) for a few seconds, then all goes back to normal. However, it does jump back to the first contact in the address book and if I was editing a contact, the light-grey "edit mode" of the list persists, so I cannot click on other contacts unless I either log in and back out or click "edit" on the displayed contact then cancel. If there was unsaved data in the edited contact it is of course lost after this. There are no error messages in the console. I don't remember this happening before - CalDavZAP for instance still syncs very nicely in the background, all I see is the little rotating symbol.

- You might want to include special Romanian chars U+015E, U+015F (s with cedilla) and U+0162, U+0163 (t with cedilla) in the sort and search alphabet strings at letter 's' and 't' respectively - I can do it in my own config but I guess it doesn't hurt to have them there by default. You might also want to include U+218, U+219 (s with comma) and U+21A, U+21B (t with comma) versions too - only one of these two version is actually supposed to exist, but which one is the correct one is a rather messy affair - interested parties can read all about it at [1] (TL;DR: cedilla is the widely supported and used one, comma is supposed to be the correct one).

- Currently the address format for contacts in Romania hides the "county" field which is a very much existing, valid and used field (as also supported by [2] and [3]) called "Judet". Personally, the layout I use for "addressTypes['ro']" in "common.js" is 2 : street, 5 : code, 6 : locality, 9 : region (county), 11 : country but I guess the exact layout / order is a matter of some debate as well - even [2] and [3] contradict each other on this. To be honest, I also use the same field on Hungarian addresses as well ("Megye"), but official addressing samples don't seem to support me on this so I'm not particularly pushing for that.

    - Attila

[1] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanian_alphabet#Comma-below_.28.C8.99_and_.C8.9B.29_versus_cedilla_.28.C5.9F_and_.C5.A3.29
[2] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mailing_address_format_by_country#Romania
[3] - http://www.posta-romana.ro/posta-romana/produse-si-servicii/Personal_subpagini/Scrisori-carti-postale/Interne/Corespondenta-subpagini/Modalitati-de-redactare-a-adresei-postale-.html
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