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[Inf-IT DAVcl] CalDavZAP 0.9.1-rc2 & CardDavMATE 0.11.1-rc2

Hi all,

new release candidates available:

changelog: http://www.inf-it.com/caldavzap-next/changelog.txt
source: http://www.inf-it.com/CalDavZAP_0.9.1-rc2.zip
demo: http://www.inf-it.com/caldavzap-next/

changelog: http://www.inf-it.com/carddavmate-next/changelog.txt
source: http://www.inf-it.com/CardDavMATE_0.11.1-rc2.zip
demo: http://www.inf-it.com/carddavmate-next/

We currently do not have any additional confirmed issues so these
releases are stable for production use. There are only few missing
translation strings (will fix in the final release).

As usually, do not forget to execute ./cache_update.sh!


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