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Re: [Inf-IT DAVcl] Week view

Hi Matej,

Matej Mihalik <matej.mihalik@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Also, I would like to be able to shift the week view one week at a time.
>> E.g., when showing weeks 23,24,25, clicking on next (or some other
>> button) will show 24,25,26 (instead of 26,27,28).
> This unfortunately doesn't make much sense, every view in caldavzap is
> configured to shift at a step equal to the size of a displayed
> interval. [...] We feel that the current behavior is just right and
> don't plan to change that.

There's nothing wrong with this behaviour. It's just that I sometimes
need to look at schedules for a specific event in relation to the
contents of preceeding and following weeks. For this, a view of an odd
number of weeks that is vertically centered around the week the event
takes place would be handy. Currently this is not possible.

-- Johan

Re: [Inf-IT DAVcl] Week viewMatej Mihalik <matej.mihalik@xxxxxxxxxx>