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Re: [Inf-IT DAVcl] globalSubscribedCalendars


> On 06 Dec 2014, at 19:21, forum.news@xxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> I was able to figure out the problem with the globalSubscribedCalendars setting. I do use https and the subscribed calendar was http. This was the problem... Now it is working ;-).
> Still do not understand the delegation feature, though.
> What I wanted to do in the frist place is that CalDavZap shows a calender from my own calendar server from another user where my user has read access as well. Should this work or not if the server (Radicale) is configured correctly?

then the delegation functionality (calendar-proxy-read and calendar-proxy-write) is what you need (see http://svn.calendarserver.org/repository/calendarserver/CalendarServer/trunk/doc/Extensions/caldav-proxy.txt <http://svn.calendarserver.org/repository/calendarserver/CalendarServer/trunk/doc/Extensions/caldav-proxy.txt> ).

CalDavZAP supports this feature, but it must be supported also on server side. If your server supports it (and you have set proper principal/collection privileges) then it works automatically (DAViCal, Calendarserver, ...).

Check our CalDavZAP demo (https://www.inf-it.com/caldavzap/ <https://www.inf-it.com/caldavzap/> ) and click to the right icon at the top of the resource list => you will see the "inf-it.com/debug" principal with 2 calendars (this is the delegation functionality).


> Thanks
> Konrad

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