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Re: [Inf-IT DAVcl] Any chance of getting a "undelete" feature?

Hi Gil,

> On 04 Aug 2015, at 00:53, GJ <mlist@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Jan,
> just tried your 0.12.2rc versions - they look great ;)
> Is there a way that in the future there will be a kind of an "undelete" option - especially when you delete a contact there is probably a lot of information lost in just one click.

this is the reason why you need to click first to "Edit" and then to "Delete" (and why there is a space between "Cancel" and "Delete" buttons).

> I think about an undelete feature which works during the actual session - and an optional "are you shure" - question when you delete something would also be very nice. Right now deleting is way to "fast and final" for me...;)

I don't think that "session" based undelete is the right way to implement it (if something is implemented, it must work in general, not only for a "session"). More interesting is to have something like "mark for deletion" with a timer (e.g. delete after 24 hour) - the only problem is that it requires server support (and I don't know if there is any "undelete" support in Cal/CardDAVrelated RFCs).

> And as always - a "copy and paste" feature out of an read only address book would also be very cool if you want to serve a "master" copy of a adr book to a group of people from witch they can fill their own books...

Multiple copies of one contact creates more problems than it solves. What if the contact is changed? Will you update it in all addressbooks? The good solution here is to share the contact using shared addressbooks, and set proper permissions for these addressbooks. This doesn't mean that I say no for copy functionality, but there are lot of other (much more important) things I want to add/change.



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