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[Inf-IT DAVcl] Timezone issues

Thank you for providing InfCloud to the community!


I have assigned Asia/Singapore as my timezone in config.js, and  this is
also recognized in month/mweek/week/day-views.


But when I hover over the appointment or open an appointment the time is
shown un UTC.  

For example : Appointment start 20:00 SGT is shown as 12:00 UTC, which
correct but inconvenient.


The appointments a coming from Outlook and 'synchronized'. 

Appointments directly entered in InfCloud do not show this issue.


Is there a way to show the time using the correct timezone (i.e. 20:00 SGT
in above example) ?

Is there a way to show times in 24-hours format?


Thank you!


Re: [Inf-IT DAVcl] Timezone issuesJán Máté <jan.mate@xxxxxxxxxx>