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[Inf-IT DAVcl] Issues with globalNetworkCheckSettings and multiple items in additionalResources


I'm currently having some trouble configuring CalDavZAP with multiple
additionalResources. Whenever I try to add more than one item to
additionalResources, only the last one seems to get listed in the web-ui.

I'm probably just having some simple configuration mistake but due to
the awkward behaviour I was wondering whether this could be a bug within
CalDavZAP, too.

In the end I would like to have CalDavZAP list a set of shared
resources, together with the user specific ones after a user logs in.

/etc/radicale/rights currently looks like this:

user: .+
collection: ^shared(/.+)?$
permission: rw

user: .+
collection: ^%(login)s(/.+)?$
permission: rw

If I use the following in CalDavZAP's config.js, I can reproduce the
issue of only having 'another-cal.isc' shown in the web-ui:

var globalNetworkCheckSettings={
        href: 'http://foo.example.com/shared/',
        additionalResources: ['some-cal.ics', 'another-cal.ics'],
        hrefLabel: null,
        forceReadOnly: null,
        settingsAccount: true,
        checkContentType: true,
        timeOut: 9000,
        lockTimeOut: 10000,

The rest of config.js is left untouched. Any thoughts?

Regards, Linus