CardDavMATE is an open source CardDAV web client implementation released under GNU Affero General Public License (version 3.0).

Main features:
NOTE: due to bug in version comparison you will get notice about release instead of >=0.10.0 - this bug was fixed in 0.10.0

NEW: demo available at (see the browser requirements below)

Latest stable release: version 0.12.1 [2015-03-16] - changelog: changelog.txt
The source code can be downloaded here:

Fully supported HTML5 browsers: Safari/Mobile Safari, Webkit, Epiphany, iCab, Firefox, Opera (15+), IE (10+) and Chrome
Partially supported HTML5 browsers: IE9 (non cross-domain setup only /IE9 & jQuery limitation/; minor graphics glitches due to missing CSS support for "disabled" html elements)
Tested with the following CardDAV servers: DAViCal, OS X server, Cyrus IMAP CalDAV (beta), SabreDAV, Baïkal, Radicale (>=0.8) and Oracle Communications Addressbook Server

For setup instructions see the readme.txt and comments in the config.js.

If you want to subscribe to our mailing list (CardDavMATE/CalDavZAP/InfCloud) send an e-mail to the following address: <davclients+subscribe {at} inf-it {dot} com>
Mailing list archive available at:

For feedback and support, feel free to contact us by email (English, Slovak, Czech or Hungarian please): <carddavmate {at} inf-it {dot} com>
For personal contact you can visit Prague :-)