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Re: [Inf-IT DAVcl] Event without calendar

Matej Mihalik <matej.mihalik@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Because by the look of things these entries
> were once a part of a recurring event, and for technical reasons its
> impossible to move such entries to a different calendar. Hence, not
> showing the "Calendar" entry in the edit form is actually the intended
> behaviour in this case.

That explains the missing "Calendar" entry in the edit form.

> What exactly do you mean by "I cannot delete the entry."? Do you press
> the delete button and nothing happens / server returns an error /
> something else happens?

Click on the entry > Change > Delete.

The event disappears from the screen. I hit refresh (Control-R) or
restart Chrome with CalDAVzap and lo and behold...

It's gone.

I've been trying to get rid of the entries (there were two of them) for
hours. Deleting with CalDAVzap, deleting on the Androids, and every time
they just reappeared.

It must have been too late...

Let's consider this case closed. I'll keep an eye open and let you know
if (and how) it happens again.

Thanks you and Ján for the support!

-- Johan

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