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[Inf-IT DAVcl] CalDavZAP 0.12.2rc & InfCloud 0.12.2rc

Hi list,

CalDavZAP 0.12.2rc & InfCloud 0.12.2rc available at:

https://www.inf-it.com/CalDavZAP_0.12.1.42.zip <https://www.inf-it.com/CalDavZAP_0.12.1.42.zip>
https://www.inf-it.com/InfCloud_0.12.1.42.zip <https://www.inf-it.com/InfCloud_0.12.1.42.zip>


https://www.inf-it.com/caldavzap-beta/ <https://www.inf-it.com/caldavzap-beta/>
https://www.inf-it.com/infcloud-beta/ <https://www.inf-it.com/infcloud-beta/>

And the changes (the first one is VERY important and fixes lot of bugs /+ adds support for previously unsupported things/ at once):

- full RFC2445 support - RRULE processing is now performed by rrule.js (see: https://github.com/jakubroztocil/rrule); thanks to this library we now support/expand all recurrences, although the most exotic ones are "read-only" (for these you will see "Other (modification not supported)" in the interface)
- updated timezone.js to latest IANA timezone database
- other improvements and fixes

known bugs:
- incomplete translations - the "Other (modification not supported)" string needs update for all localizations (except EN, CZ, SK, HU)

Thanks for help, suggestions, bug reports, ...


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