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[Inf-IT DAVcl] Blank page with Internet Explorer

Hi All,

First time trying CardDavMate - I'm probably doing something wrong :-)

I am using a baikal back end with digest authentication, and was hoping to use CardDavMate to create an internal adhoc address book for a number of people.

It seems to be working fine when I use Firefox, but if I try and use IE (10) I just get a blank page.
The browser log shows

Error: [DAVresourceDelegation: 'REPORT http://test@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/card.php/principals/test/'] code: '401' status: 'error'

I do have this in the config.js

var globalUseJqueryAuth=true;

Is there anything else I'm missing? Is IE10 a known problem in this configuration?

I just set up a number of calendars for various people using digest auth, so if I flip Baikal to basic those will all break, right?

Comments appreciated,

Brian McKee