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[Inf-IT DAVcl] CalDavZAP Do Not Load Reminders Lists

CalDavZAP is great for my personal needs, but loads a little slow with
the number of collections I have (30+). I would like to set CalDavZAP to
only load the Calendars, not the reminders (since most of the time I
only need the Calendars portion).

I have found the globalLoadedTodoCollections option in config.js. Is
there a way to configure CalDavZAP to load no todo collections?

The best workaround I have found is to just set it to load one
collection. As a follow up question, is it possible to allow the user to
load new collections after they login (i.e. those reminders lists I do
not generally want to display)? For now I just created a second
installation of CalDavZAP that is set to display all collections.

Aidan Montare
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