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[Inf-IT DAVcl] Help for starting...


I am very new to caldavzap and I would need some help.

I set up davical test server which provide not encrypted access (to avoid 
problems with selfsigned certificates).

I installed caldavzap and edited config.js comenting out the "var 
globalNetworkCheckSettings={", and as I wanted to start simple I configured 

var globalAccountSettings=[
					userName: 'MyUsername',
					userPassword: 'MyPassword'
				timeOut: 90000,
				lockTimeOut: 10000,
				checkContentType: true,
				settingsAccount: true,
				delegation: true,
				hrefLabel: null,
				forceReadOnly: null,
				ignoreAlarms: false,
				backgroundCalendars: []

But I get white page (used several browser, with same behaviour), on the 
server side I see in the access_log a generous traffic, but not relevant 
errors. I run cache_update.sh quite often.

In a previous test I was connecting to calendarserver which seem not 
provideing stuff to avoid the cross-domain problem, but again I cannot make it 

Maybe I am missing something fundamental

Thanks in advance for any help



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