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[Inf-IT DAVcl] caldavzap gives me a white page


I have created a php script which produces .ics files from Volley match teams.
These calendars are read only calendars and access is free (no login/password).

I can subscribe theses calendars in many different applications but CalDavZAP 0.13.1 gives me a white page.

I have manually add OPTIONS and PROPFIND http answers but I'n not really sure that it is correct.
I think I don't understand the meaning these elements and what are the minimum answer.

FireFox tells me that there is an XML error but I don't know where ?

Here a part of the config.js file

var globalAccountSettings=[
	{href: 'https://calendrier.charentonvolley.fr:443/smn1', hrefLabel: 'N1', forceReadOnly: true, settingsAccount: false, checkContentType: true, userAuth: {userName: '', userPassword: ''}, timeOut: 90000, lockTimeOut: 10000, delegation: false, ignoreAlarms: true, backgroundCalendars: []},


Re: [Inf-IT DAVcl] caldavzap gives me a white pageJán Máté <jan.mate@xxxxxxxxxx>