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[Inf-IT DAVcl] Sync, sync, sync


For a long time I've been a happy user of DAViCal and clients. But I get
the feeling that over the years things are getting worse.

The problem? Appointments on my Android devices are not updated, or do not

I am inclined to blame Android. Modern Android devices are so energy hungry
that they try to survive by putting draconian limits to honest Android apps.

In my setup, there is a DAViCal server that shares the data. On Android,
there's CalDAVsync that syncs DAViCal with the local calendar. The end
user tool is Business Calendar that operates on the local calendar. This is
a common type of setup used by most calendar apps and cloud calendars.

In earlier days these apps were all happily living (and running) in Android,
but nowadays they are put to sleep, stopped, thrown out, when the system
sees fit. As a result, appointments are no longer updated and propagated.

OTOH, Android is flexible so I assume there are settings to avoid this. So
my question is: what permissions or other settings do I need to give the

Thanks in advance,


Re: [Inf-IT DAVcl] Sync, sync, syncMarten Gajda <marten@xxxxxxxx>