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Re: [Inf-IT DAVcl] Shared group / user calendar


there are several options available:

1.) check the config.js - interesting settings are:

2.) you can use the auth module and generate dynamic configuration for each user

3.) you can use resource binding if your server supports it (check your server documentation)


On Jul 8, 2013, at 4:44 PM, basti <mailinglist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello @all,
> can anybody help me to use a shared calendar for a group?
> At the moment it look like
> group_user
>  -> /group_user/calendar/
>  -> /group_user/calendar1/
> Is it possible to share the calendar of a user to an other user? and see
> both calendars in caldavzap?
> Regards,
> Basti

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