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[Inf-IT DAVcl] accessing particular vcard files


as of integrating carddav with an ikiwiki, i'd like to link to a
particular contact in carddavmate.

my idea is to dissect the fragment identifier of the url once the page
is loaded, and if the fragment identifier is found on the server, it is
opened right away

so eg.


would open the described contact in jdoe's address book (or whatever the
semantics of the webdav server are) for viewing.

two issues are to be considered imo:

* authentication: if the setup needs authentication, the fragment
  identifier should be analyzed once login is complete. (that's where i
  failed to write a patch -- i could have found *some* place to invoke
  `globalAddressbookList.loadContactByUID()`, but not *the right*
  place). many such setups will already use some kind of single sign on
  solution (even simply basic http authentication) and won't require a
  login step.
* identifiers might need to contain data describing which server the
  resource is on, possibly just the complete url. carddavmate should not
  expect to find the user name as part of the url, though.

would you consider adding this feature?

that whole scheme could be extended to directly edit (#/file.vcf?edit) or
for search queries (#?search=john), but something basic would give good
entry points for bigger setups, i think. likewise, actively rewriting
the fragment identifer might get carddavmate a working back-button and
an easy way to forward links to "the contact i have open right now", but
that too is just my idea of where this feature could lead.

thanks for maintaining carddavmate and caldavzap, i'm actively using
them with radicale, and they work great!

best regards

To use raw power is to make yourself infinitely vulnerable to greater powers.
  -- Bene Gesserit axiom

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